SENKO cookers and fireplaces

Through the history a family home with several generations under the roof without a brick cooker for solid fuels was very rare. The fire and the warmth were the natural sources of strength and satisfaction for young and old.

Migrations and society changes caused the families with several generations under the roof to almost vanish. And so vanished also the brick cooker. But the nostalgia for those cookers remained. After all, every period has its own style. The SENKO cooker is a 30-years old result of nostalgic tendencies for primal warmth, modern technology and contemporary design.

The SENKO cooker is an affordable, economic and environmental friendly solution for central heating and cooking, which respects the tradition. The excellent workmanship and its persistence are achieved with the application of new technologies and are a must be for every room with an exciting modern look and perfect details.

All SENKO products have their own unique and modern look and exterior design. It’s possible to adjust the exterior look according to costumer’s wishes.

Products of the company SENKO:


6, 7.5, 20, 25, 30 and 35 kW 

  • solid fuel central heating cookers with oven or without oven
  • solid fuel cookers with oven
  • PREMIUM LINE cookers


25 and 35 kW

  • solid fuel central heating fireplaces


7, 8 and 10 kW – for residential space heating

12, 13 and 19 kW  for central heating

The modern design, the nostalgic sense of fire, combination of heating, cooking and baking, design according to your wishes – it all results in our product. You can choose several different materials to adjust the look of your cooker. The interior is based on a classical kitchen cooker and includes innovative technological solutions, a result of 30 years of experience and development. We always had both eyes on the market and tried to meet the expectations and requirements of both, costumer and European standards.

SENKO cooker wants to hold its place on the market and live up to its reputation as a quality and functional product. It’s made of premium materials and in the shape of a robust construction. All the high demands and expectations are met with the installation of massive boilers (heaters) which are made of highly resistant quality boiler sheet according to EN 12815, therefore they have great durability without the need of changing. Quality of the production process and the consumer protection is established by the CE marking and by the Declaration of Performance. European norms defines standards of environmental adequacy, which are very high and with which the product has to comply. The SENKO cooker complies with all the standards and its environmental characteristics with the usage of biomass are often even higher than those addressed by the EN norms.

All those characteristics are united in the SENKO QUALITY and are guarantee for a long and satisfying usage of your product.


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