Advantages of SENKO fireplaces

An external combustion air supply is mounted at the rear side of the fireplace to avoid consumption of hot air (oxygen) inside the rooms used for living (mandatory for low-energy and passive houses). The lack of oxygen in the room causes significant health problems in humans.

Construction solutions and intake of secondary air into the firebox provide an additional fuel efficiency and combustion of harmful gases. In this way SENKO fireplaces fully comply with environmental standards and enable wood burning process described by the SENKO GREEN LABEL.

To enable control of fuel combustion, all models are equipped with glass firebox door which also decoratively enrich the fireplace.

visoka_iskoristivostFirebox (boiler) of the fireplace is made of highly resistant quality boiler sheet according to EN 13229. The water container is located at the rear, on the sides and at the top. This is why SENKO fireplaces have a high efficiency rate and can be mounted combined with any other heating system.

Senko products can be mounted as a part of your already existing central heating system (gas, heating oil or solar energy), so you can change to the cheaper fuel for your central heating at any point and save money.


Outer coating of SENKO fireplaces has countless possibilitiesfrom rustical to modern design – depending on your wishes and the style of your interior.


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