CE certificate

SENKO consumer protection

Below is a list of norms which have to comply with the production process:
EN 12815 - Residential cookers fired by solid fuel
EN 13229 - Inset appliances including open fires fired by solid fuels
EN 13240 - Roomheaters fired by solid fuel
EN 14785 - Residential space heating appliances fired by wood pellets

European CE norms

  • EN 12815
  • EN 13229
  • EN 13240
  • EN 14785

We pay special attention to comply with all the mentioned norms. This enables us to assure quality and a secure usage of our appliances and our obligation regarding the consumer protection regulations.

The standards EN 12815, EN 13229, EN 13240 and EN 14785 refer to:

  •  design
  •  production
  •  testing
  •  security
  •  efficiency
  •  environmental care (emission of harmful gases),
  •  verified declaration of technical specification of the products
  •  adequate user instructions for a safe operation of the appliance

For appliances included in these norms you can use solid mineral fuels, peat briquettes, wood logs or a combine all of the mentioned according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.


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