Advantages of SENKO pellet stoves

Pelete_SENKO pellet stoves are used for heating residential spaces and/or as central heating and at the same time they can be a decorative element in every room. Tangential (cross-flow) fan is blowing warm air from the stove to the room through grids on the front side of the stove.

The second fan is leading the primary air to the firebox and at the same time the flue gases are lead from the firebox to the chimney. SENKO pellet stoves are distinguished by their high efficiency (91 – 96 %) as well as a very low environmental pollution level. They are designed and produced down to the last detail in order to satisfy, in the best way possible, all consumers’ requirements regarding functionality and safety.


Dosing of pellets to the combustion chamber is automated and programmed with an electronic switch by means of a screw feeder


Control panel secures a simple handling and adjusting of all required parameters - menu on 14 languages (HR-SI-RS-HU-RO-EN-IT-NL-DE-FR-ES-PT-GR-TR)

On the control panel you can monitor the pellet consumption (in kg/h) depending on the stove operating mode

Possibility of regulation by smartphone – wifi module (OPTION).


Regulation by remote control - switching on / switching off, adjusting the fan speed, heating power


Possibility to programme daily / weekly work schedule of the stove (6 available programs + 10 pre-defined profiles)

Possibility of connecting outside air required for combustion (avoiding oxygen consumption in the room for dwelling)


Possibility to regulate room heating temperature by means of a room thermostat


Safety devices which are automatically stopping the dosing of pellets to the firebox and reporting the alarm signal on the control panel

SENKO pellet stoves for central heating have a lot of standard hydro equipment installed.



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